Get a used truck for your towing and hauling needs

At S&H Motor Sales in Elkhart, we have a great selection of used trucks. They're the perfect choice for the shopper from South Bend or Cassopolis who needs a capable vehicle that can tow heavy, carry a significant payload, or simply wants to show off their appreciation for the rugged truck body style.

What a used truck is great for!

The obvious benefit of owning a used truck (aside from the price) is the towing capabilities. Now, you might be wondering if you should go with an SUV that can tow instead of a truck. Some SUVS, especially full-size ones, can have better tow ratings than an entry-level engine or a midsize truck, but most trucks can tow heavier and more efficiently.

Another benefit of getting a truck is to have a useful truck bed. If you want to pickup a piece of furniture in Goshen IN, the dimensions don't really matter, as you can secure something tall, like a hutch, with a few straps; trying to fit that into even the most spacious SUV would be a challenge. You can also go to the local home improvement store and get bags of dirt, slabs of wood, etc., without having to worry about ruining the interior of your SUV. With a truck bed, you just sweep and hose out the back!

Of course, some shoppers just love the style of a truck, and when you buy a used one, you'll save big on the monthly payment.

Our popular used truck brands

When you drive in from Niles MI, you'll find a variety of used trucks to shop. We have a lot of used Ford pickups, and you'll find many of the more powerful used Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty models that can tow really heavy equipment. From the GMC brand, we have several used GMC Sierra 1500 half-ton trucks, and we generally have a range of model years so that you can find the right price and list of amenities. Don't forget to also check out our trucks from the used Ram/Dodge and used Chevrolet brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop into our dealership this week so you can take home a used truck and get towing and hauling all across the state.

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