At S & H Motor Sales, we want to make your automotive needs as easy to handle as possible. That includes getting rid of the car or truck you have in your driveway. Our professionals want to buy that vehicle and take it off your hands so that you are ready for your next ride. This comprehensive service brings customers from here to South Bend back to work with us time and time again.

Making an Offer

When you bring in your used Ford truck or Chevy SUV, we can make you an offer. Our professionals aim to be as fair and transparent in the price we offer so that you feel comfortable with your deal. We also want you to know that this is a no-obligation process. If you do not like our offer, you do not have to take it. However, we believe you will get an excellent deal when choosing to bring your used vehicle to S & H Motor Sales.

What You Can Do with the Offer

After you accept our comprehensive offer, you have two options to choose from. First, you can simply take a check and head out on your way. Some customers are just looking to get rid of a car or truck that they no longer drive. So, we want to ensure they have an option at our Elkhart dealership.

The other and widely-used option is to put that offer towards your next vehicle. At our dealership, you can find a wide range of impressive used models. So, when you are looking to trade in your vehicle, take a look through our inventory and find your next ride!

Trade-in Your Used Car or Truck at S & H Motor Sales

Trading in your used car does not have to be a tedious process when choosing our services at S & H Motor Sales in Elkhart. Visit today or give us a call to get your trade-in started right!

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